F. Malina — Python Web Software Engineer and Developer

I undesign, I strip systems bare to make people love them.

Hi, I am František (or Francis), the technical director of Etcetera Media Group and Flatmate Rooms. I build things. Usually found in coffee shops and on client sites working on web sites and software, typing into command line, text editor or being assertive down the phone.

Based in the North West England.
Email: fmalina@gmail.com, call or text +44 (0) 7715 342 265.

Created Flatmate Rooms, project Unilexicon, School etc. Read my CV.

F. Malina — Web Software Developer

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Versing code daily in Python, HTML, CSS, JS, SQL, BASH, XML (SVG, SKOS)
in mind with UX, IA, I10N, TDD, AUTH, PCI, W3C, GIT, *NIX, SEO, ROI.

Information architecture (DfE), SEO consultancy (Yahoo)

Security advisory:
Vulnerability report, prevented possible take-down of the NHS.uk website.

SEO case study:
SWOT, SEO strategy, followup, launched exponential growth of organic search traffic for the Designer Pages.

SME website design:
Cheshire Clinic for Women's Health, Print & machine embroidery Slovakia.

Early scientific work:
Breathing under water, idea that enabled the development of the fracking process and modern diving gear.

Many people like what I do

Hands-on technical work, leadership by example.

“Frank is an all-round wizard! He worked officially as an information architect, and helped with taxonomy design and development. However it was obvious pretty quickly that he had a lot to offer across the scope of our work, and helped with software development (in Django, PHP, XSLT, JavaScript, bash scripting... whatever it took to get things done), database design, analytics and even web server performance analysis.

I'd recommend Frank without hesitation for organisations that need people with good brains and the ability to have a go at almost anything.”

Dr Ian Piper, Information Architect, Director at Tellura Information Services, Author of Learn Xcode Tools for Mac OS X and iPhone Development

“Frank delivered great results for an SEO Campaign for Designer Pages. He really understands some of the more complicated voodoo behind search engine results and can articulate how to improve your visibility through simple changes. Would recommend and hire again.”
Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity

Avi Flombaum, entrepreneur, founder of Desinger pages

“Frank is a diligent and highly skilled web developer and SEO expert, with ruthless perfectionism and technical expertise in his veins. I would recommend Frank to anyone looking for a sublime technical solution.”

Kevin Jones, top Manchester SEO, head of Tecmark

“I worked with František (or Frank as we knew him) on at least one large scale web development project at Northcliffe. His input on SEO and performance related issues was exceedingly thorough, detailed and technically strong. We gained a lot from his expertise in this area and I would recommend him for his in depth knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.”

John Armstrong-Prior, Senior Analyst/Programmer; A.N.Digital

“Frank has an excellent knowledge of SEO issues, and further to that, also an excellent understanding of how to develop, design and tune web sites to conform to SEO 'best practices'. He possesses excellent understanding of many open source solution platforms. In addition to all this, Frank is also easy to work with and generally a great guy to have on the team!”

Brian Eyre, Senior Software Developer